Monday, 6 January 2014

Blue Monday...

One job I really dislike doing is taking down the Christmas decorations.

I know it's a necessary evil - otherwise it's bad luck etc - but the house looks so bare with the tree down, lights removed (fairy lights that is, not lightbulbs, although if electricity bills continue to rise at the current rate anything's possible).

I decided this year that I would make it less of an arduous task by playing some uplifting music.

Heading for a compilation CD, I found Now Dance, thinking that this could provide the necessary soundtrack for the task at hand.

I'm not sure the other inhabitants of the house necessarily agreed, but I listened quite happily to Disc 2 featuring Yazz, Dr Alban and Haddaway amongst others, singing away at the top of my voice while removing baubles and scattering pine needles over the carpet.

Lab puppy did look quite taken aback at times, particularly when I broke into a chorus of Everybody's Free by Rozalla - it was perhaps a little high-pitched for his sensitive ears.

I'm not a fan of the Winter months - I'd gladly hibernate if I could, wake me up in March please - but I do find that singing and dancing improves my spirits.

Perhaps I'll need to play the whole album on 'Blue Monday'...

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