Tuesday, 31 December 2013

When exactly is Easter 2014?!

I have to ask the question, is Easter early in 2014?

I haven't unwrapped my selection of new calendars yet (as I write this, it's only New Year's Eve), yet my daughter has reported she saw Mini Eggs in Asda on Friday 27th December.

Then, as I stood in the queue at WH Smith's yesterday, I spotted Crème Eggs and Malteaster bunnies nestling by the till.

To be honest, I couldn't quite believe it.

In my mind, at least, Christmas 2013 hasn't yet finished, and here we were with the next consumer onslaught.

Just in case you don't know, I've been told that Easter Sunday is 20th April - which is in fact quite late.

So why we need 16 weeks to purchase our chocolate eggs and other seasonal confectionery and cakes is a bit of a mystery.

What's next?  Hallowe'en stuff on the shelves in June and the 'Back to School' range available in May?!

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