Thursday, 20 December 2012

The Ritz in Desborough...

A recent article in the Northants Evening Telegraph (13th December) brought a smile to my world-weary face.

The Ritz Hotel in London has instructed lawyers to write to The Ritz in Desborough to ask them to stop using their trademark.

Now, I’m not knocking The Ritz in Desborough but there is no way on this sweet earth that anyone is likely to get the two venues muddled up.

I have to say at this juncture that I’ve not been to The Ritz in Desborough for a while, but I enjoyed many a night out there with my workmates in the early 90s.

The hypnotist night was always a favourite; the DJ reliable in that he always played the same songs.  As well as performing Madonna’s ‘Vogue’ on the dance floor, I have been known to join in with all the moves to ‘I Am the Music Man’ which was another Ritz tune at the time.

Whilst I know it’s had a £1m facelift – and probably left the Music Man far behind them – I can’t really believe it’s any threat to the Ritz Hotel in London, even in its new, sophisticated form.

For example, there aren’t going to be many newlyweds who arrive in Desborough expecting to see Piccadilly, or vice versa.

So come on the Ritz Hotel in London – have a sense of humour and lay-off your smaller, provincial ‘country cousin’.  The UK is big enough to accommodate the both of you!

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