Thursday, 5 April 2018

Reduce, reuse, recycle - and get some money back

Back to the future - not the 1980s classic film with Marty McFly, hover boards and self-tying shoe laces - but the way we're heading in a bit to save our planet.

The deposit scheme for glass, plastic and tin cans is a step in the right direction, but it is in fact borrowing from how we used to live.

Yes, I'm old enough to remember when you could return your glass Corona lemonade bottles to the pub and get 5p back.

I have heard it said, but can neither confirm or deny, some youngsters discovered where the bottles were kept out the back of a local pub and used to gather them up and deliver them via the front door to the landlady to collect 5p deposits.  I expect those individuals are now either multi-millionaire entrepreneurs or staying at Her Majesty's pleasure!

I also remember the Alpine drinks delivery van bringing its range of soft beverages - dandelion and burdock included - down our way. 

I've always got milk from the milkman in glass bottles, a trend that is also increasing, so I hear.  It's good to know that seemingly going retro is in fact going forward! 

I'd bring back the use of paper bags for groceries etc too.  Fruit and veg keeps far better in paper than in plastic, and paper bags can be recycled.

Of course, any scheme to reduce waste, recycle and reuse resources should be applauded.

However, the proposed deposit scheme needs proper consideration and consultation, and Government or industry funding to assist in its implementation.

For example, small shops and caf├ęs don't necessarily have the resources to buy in large recycling machines like the ones they showed on the news bulletins that are in use in Norway.  They may not have the space to accommodate them either.

So while I very much welcome the news that people are actually listening to Sir David Attenborough and the Blue Planet effect is taking hold, I think some more thought and investment is needed to make this a successful solution.

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