Thursday, 9 June 2016

The Flying Scotsman steams through Northamptonshire

It's not every Saturday morning I stand in a field in Gretton for nearly an hour, but the first weekend in June I did exactly that.

Having first headed to Lydia's Coffee Shop for refreshments - not sure how I managed to resist the fabulous bacon butties, I must have very high levels of self-control because they smelt so good! - we walked down past the Church and made our way to Tythe Field.

The sheep that graze this corner of Northamptonshire looked slightly surprised to see their field fill with people, their usual visitors being those who travel past on the nearby railway line, who probably don't even give them a second glance.

And that's the clue to why we were all there, for this was our chosen vantage point from which to see The Flying Scotsman.

Now, I'm not usually a trainspotter, but this is quite a significant locomotive and worth the effort to catch a glimpse.

We had quite a wait as it happens - I believe there was some trouble with people on the line, or at least that's what I was told on Twitter - but eventually it arrived, steaming gracefully past us whilst giving us a toot on the whistle.

We waved at the passengers, who waved enthusiastically back at us - I even saw my friend Joan who was aboard with her husband Stephen for his significant-birthday treat.  What a lovely way to celebrate (and apologies once again for letting slip about the surprise birthday party!).

There's something about steam trains which gets those of us who aren't normally interested in trains enthused.  It's almost like we are transported back in time, or become extras in The Railway Children - although none of us were waving red flannel petticoats to make the train stop, thank goodness.  Well, not in Gretton at least.

If you missed it, The Flying Scotsman is returning to Northamptonshire on 25th June - please remember to watch it from a safe, legal place.

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