Friday, 8 January 2016

Dry January - the longest month of the year?

The New Year is now in full swing, and one week in I have an admission to make. 

Perhaps somewhat rashly, I made a pledge way back at the start of December.  Now as you're probably aware, I'm a woman of my word, my word is my bond, etc.

I pledged that January would be a dry one for me.  Not a drop of alcohol shall pass my lips between 1st and 30th January (I'm falling off the wagon a day early for a friend's significant-birthday party - it seems only fair).

Now this probably goes against my embracing the concept of hygge, the Scandinavian idea of self-indulgence at this time of year.

However, having done some research - ok, I read the health section of a daily newspaper - a month off the hard stuff is good for your liver and can prolong your life by several years if undertaken on a regular basis.  You can also lose up to half a stone in weight, as alcohol contains many empty calories.

So cheers, here's to a dry January.  Fortunately for me and the other people also not drinking for whatever reason, there's a wide range of non-alcoholic beverages to be imbibed as alternatives.

My personal favourite is Becks Blue, which is marketed as alcohol-free but actually contains a very minute amount ('not more than 0.05% ABV' according to the label - I fetched one from the fridge to check).

Soda water and lime is also acceptable, providing the bar-keep supplies you with a little stirry stick, otherwise you're hit with a mouthful of lime at the bottom of your glass and this is rather unpleasant (yes, I am speaking from personal experience).

I suppose there's always tea and coffee, and hot chocolate, perhaps Bovril - then again, maybe not Bovril.

My only regret thus far is seeing the vast array of beautiful reds, sparkling whites and a rather tasty Sauvignon Blanc that we were given as Christmas presents, which are currently sitting there looking unloved.

Fear not my pretties - February isn't too far away!

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