Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Election result 2015

Well, the opinion polls certainly got it wrong, didn't they?

Personally I've never had much faith in them anyway - I don't think I know anyone who's ever been asked, so from where exactly do they get their information, and is it the same people they ask for Family Fortunes?

I didn't stay up all night to watch the results, I watched the exit poll information at 10pm and then went to bed, wondering if people had actually been truthful when answering.  Now we know the result, I guess they must have been.

Truthfully, this has to be the most interesting election result I can remember.  There were lots of surprises, followed by the inevitable stream of leadership resignations,  with many well-known names now looking for employment elsewhere.

I also believe the turnout was higher than in previous years, and for the first time I can remember I had to queue at my local polling station. 

We did have three ballot papers to complete though - UK Parliamentary, borough council and parish council elections - so that could have been why it took more time.

I took my 11 year old daughter with me, as I think it's important to get children engaged in politics from an early age.

A bit like you take them to the Dentist's before they've got teeth, I want her to grow up knowing that voting is an ordinary part of life, and nothing to be scared of.

I feel that voting is a responsibility to be taken seriously, never forgetting that people died to give me the freedom to vote, not just in wars, but also suffragettes.  Sadly, there are still some places where women can't vote.

Plus my grandmother always told me that you should vote, because if you don't, you can't complain about the result.

Interesting times are ahead - the Scottish results show that, let's see what happens over the next five years.  In the meantime I'm looking forward to the next episodes of Have I Got News For You and Newzoids!

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