Thursday, 2 April 2015

Camp Brookfield

It would be remiss of me not to mention how one man's peaceful protest woke up a town to the dangers of waste plants and incinerators.

Lee Forster, along with his partner Corinna Milligan, Cllr Rob McKellar and a small group of people called CARRP, have been campaigning for two years about the proposals for Corby.

Originally they were protesting about the 'resource recovery park' on the Brookfield woodland, plans which were thrown out late last year by Corby Borough Council.

But since January they have been fighting plans to lift the 30-mile limit on from where waste could be brought to the DRENL gasification plant on Gretton Brook Road - without which the plant would not have been financially viable.

While NCC's development control committee met on 17th March, Lee set up Camp Brookfield on Gretton Brook Road, outside the industrial estate where the plant would be built. 

His peaceful, non-political protest managed to attract the attention of over nine thousand people, and his Facebook Group is growing and bringing media attention from far and wide.

He, and his group of supporters, have succeeded in alerting Corby to what incinerators will bring with them - the health risks, the increased lorry traffic, the fact that Corby will become a dumping ground for the UK.

At the DCC meeting where the limit was lifted to allow waste in from a 90-minute drive of the plant, it was also said that Brookfield could soon face another application for the 'resource recovery park'.

Brookfield is the home of Chalky the white stag and his herd, great crested newts, many other animals including protected species, and a host of beautiful trees, all of which will be under threat from these new proposals.

Well, Corby and its villages won't let that happen.  Everyone is rallying round, and there's a renewed determination to stop these waste plants blighting our lives.  It's about time NCC, DRENL and whoever else wants to dump waste on Corby listened.

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