Sunday, 11 August 2013


There’s a place near here where the white deer roam,
The stag and his herd, they call it home.
Tall trees grow here too, reaching to the sky,
The red kite cry as they soar on by.

It’s beautiful, wild and quite untamed,
Yet lurks beneath buried waste, unnamed.
An industrial past, buried deep,
But nature’s reclaimed it while we sleep.

It was green fields before then, and should stay that way
And should be forever, but sadly who can say?
Greedy developers want to build on it
To construct a waste plant to process .... rubbish.

The trees will be destroyed, gone for good,
A ‘waste recovery park’ instead, replacing the wood.
Where will the deer and the wildlife go?
Ask Corby Council, see if they know.

An industrial past, a waste plant future –
Corby a dumping ground – how does that suit you?
Please say ‘NO’ before the trees are gone for good.
Stand up for your rights, you know you should.

Wake up – save the deer, the birds and the bees,
Do what you can to save the trees.
We need to have green spaces for the future generation,
Let’s make sure we save the Brookfield Plantation!

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