Monday, 15 July 2013

Brookfield Plantation - the fight continues...

I saw some beautiful photos a friend had shared on Facebook recently.

A wooded glade, sun streaming through lush, green trees.

His children playing happily on verdant grass.

Tall, healthy trees, their leaves bathed in the July sunlight.

He reported that his family had been lucky enough to see seven deer and a host of other wildlife including butterflies, dragonflies and bumblebees too.

You may be asking yourself what’s the relevance of all this.

The idyllic area in the photos to which I’m referring is the Brookfield Plantation, located on the outskirts of Corby, just off the Gretton Brook Road as you head towards the villages of Gretton or Deene.

These are the same trees that are under threat of destruction to create a ‘resource recovery park’ next to a plant processing waste.

The same trees we’ve heard described as ‘poor quality woodland’.

Now, I’m no expert, but they look fine and healthy to me, unlike the ones in photos the developer has been using (funny that).

How anybody could contemplate destroying this environmental oasis bursting with wildlife – including Chalky the white stag and his herd – is beyond me.

But it’s the pictures of the children playing here that I find particularly poignant.

I know I’ve mentioned this before, but it’s really important - this is their future that we’re trying to protect.

They don’t want to grow up looking at a plant that recycles waste – it doesn’t matter what fancy name the developers give it in order to make it sound more acceptable.

They would rather see trees and wildlife, and have fresh, clean air to breathe.  I think we owe them that much, don’t you?

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