Saturday, 15 June 2013

Whatever the weather...

Much to my daughter’s dismay, I don’t own a smartphone.

I don’t think her generation can imagine a world before Angry Birds and apps.

As I’ve told her on numerous occasions, we didn’t have mobiles as children – in fact I was 25 before I owned one – and I managed perfectly well.

I was dispatched off to secondary school with a ten pence piece with which to phone home if I missed the bus.

This was, however, occasionally spent on a rocket lolly from the ice-cream van which visited the school every lunchtime (sorry Mum!)

Getting back to phones, something I’ve seen recently on the TV is tempting me towards perhaps upgrading my current handset.

According to Carol Kirkwood, there’s a new BBC Weather app available – and I love looking at the weather.

I put this slight obsession down to being good at Geography at school – at one stage I could tell you all about cloud formation and the Beaufort scale, although, in the style of Homer Simpson, as I’ve got older I think that information may have been pushed out of my brain by other things.

I’m a regular visitor to the BBC Weather website, I check the ten-day forecast, I look at the weather on the red button (formerly known as Ceefax), and even compare different websites to get the ‘right’ weather forecast.

Now that I’m on Facebook – something else I resisted for years and finally gave in to this year – a friend’s told me about the Northants Weather page, and I get updates from that too. 

For other weather fans living locally I recommend it as it is accurate and informative.  In fact, one recent post made me smile – he/she said they’d just managed to get the washing in before the rain! 

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